Upcoming Events

Operational Restart and Recovery for the Automotive Supply Chain webinar

On September 8, 2020 at 10:00 AM PDT, 01:00 PM EDT, join our panelists:

Hakan Yildiz – Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management at Wayne State University;

Tingting Yan – Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management at Wayne State University;

Lori Sisk – Lecturer of Supply Chain Management at Wayne State University; and

Lang Ware, Director of the Automotive Industry Action Group’s (AIAG) Commercial Services

They will walk you through the challenges faced by companies in the automotive industry due to the pandemic, resources, and strategies they used and lessons learned for the way forward.

2020 Annual Meetings

The wait is over, 2020 GMRG Annual Meeting is just round the corner, scheduled on September 4 and September 18. We are excited for this years annual meeting which will be fully virtual and ‘the’ place to exchange interesting ideas on the collection and deployment process for GMRG instruments. During the fully planned 2-day event we will be focusing on data collection issues and efforts for GMRG-VI. We are planning to launch GMRG-VI survey in different regions of the world as soon as the pandemic allows and hence, it is very important to have each one of you with us before that.  

We encourage you to register with the link below, if you haven’t done that yet, and join in for all the interesting webinars designed and lined up especially for you. 


We hope to organize the data collection as soon as the pandemic allows a return to “normal” operations. Please contribute your thoughts on the upcoming Annual Meeting as we would like to hear your questions and suggestions to make this event an enriching and successful experience for all of you. The questions and suggestions can be submitted to our attention 


We shall start the live session at 12 PM EDT/ 9:00 AM PDT – North America;

1:00 PM Brasilia Standard time – South and Central America;

5:00 PM CET – Europe;

9:30 PM IST – India and 12:00 AM CST – China

2:00 AM AWST – Australia

6:00 PM SAST – Africa

for both September 4 and September 18. All registered participants will be sent a link of the recorded sessions. In case you are unable to attend the webinars, we have made arrangement for you to review the recorded presentations later and submit your comments and suggestions for the next round on September 18. We will be answering all comments and suggestions during the webinars or by e-mail.    

The suggested tentative schedule is below:

September 4 – GMRG-VI Survey

Opening – Artur Swierczek and Márcio Thomé

Phases of survey data research – Clay Whybark

Actual status of GMRG VI – an overview – Teresa Betts

Overview of data collectors by country and data sharing – George Onofrei

Multi respondent data collection – Thomas Kull

GMRG-VI data collection procedures/protocol in Qualtrics – Teresa Betts

Translations protocols – survey questionnaires in foreign languages – Márcio Thomé

Survey modules: “how to guides”

Core module – Thomas Kull

Sustainability – Márcio Thomé

Innovation – Thomas Kull

Decision-making and culture – Thomas Kull

Supply chain digitalization – Ike Ehie / Luis Miguel D. F. Ferreira

Analysis methodology: qualitative data, multilevel analysis – Thomas Kull

Closing – Márcio Thomé

 September 18 – Outreach Initiatives

Opening – Artur Swierczek and Márcio Thomé

Q&A from September 4 – Adegoke Oke 

Country and region-specific issues and challenges for data collection – George Onofrei

Different media for data collection (e.g., internet, printed questionnaires, recording) – Teresa Bettes

How to improve industry engagement and collaboration beyond benchmarking – Hitendra Chaturvedi

Post feedback for companies to easy automated benchmark reports – Frank Wiengarten

Process for short cycle and smaller projects – Robert Wiedmer

Outreach program for coordinators and GMRG – Torsten Doering

Profiles and exemplar cases of intervention studies showcasing GMRG members’ participation in industry

Publications – Tyson Browning and Mikko Rönkkö

We are looking forward to having you with us during September 4 and September 18 webinars.