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2003 DSI Meeting in Washington D.C.

   A dozen members of the Global Manufacturing Research Group met in Washington D.C. November 22, 2003. The group discussed the upcoming 2004 Annual Meeting in Marmaris & Istanbul, Turkey, July 3-9, 2004 and ramifications of the 2003 data gathering process. Please see the tentative schedule for the annual meeting below. Please see the latest issue of The Global Gazette here.

Data gathering activities were conducted in six countries. Chwen Sheu, Kansas State University, worked in Taiwan. Rob Klassen used the 3rd version of the questionnaire to gather data in Canada and Matteo Kalchschmidt at Milano Poly. Attila Chikan gathered 67 samples from Hungary. There were also 20 observations from Lebanon by Joseph Sarkis of Clarkson along with a data collection done in USA by Dennis Krumwiede, Idaho State University.

The lovely pictures of the Washington DC area (shown above) were taken by Keith Stanley. More of his photographs can be viewed by visiting Pictures of USA & Asia, Cities & Landscapes.

Marcella's DSI Washington DC Photo Album
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For information on the upcoming trip to Turkey, please visit the GMRG Turkey web site!

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