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GMRG 2004 Meeting: Marmaris & Istanbul, Turkey

Group_Top.jpg - 103559 Bytes   The GMRG 2004 meeting in Marmaris and Istanbul was just marvelous. In Marmaris we enjoyed the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea on a boat trip. This included stopping at small unpopulated bays for dipping in the sea, occasionally swimming into barely illuminated caves, rock climbing (and jumping from them), and even an additional “banana boat ride” – see picture of the banana!”. Nights were beautiful as we could see the moon over the Mediterranean from our dining table on the terrace. This is not to say that we did not have very productive business meetings in Marmaris. We made a lot of progress discussing the questionnaire.

The part of the meeting in Istanbul was even better. We had very interesting presentations and plenary sessions for discussing GMRG research and administration-related issues. We also continued to have in-depth discussions of the questionnaire. We visited the Sabanci University and also had a plant tour of Arcelik –One of Europe's leading household appliances companies: Arçelik continued its international growth with a € 1.9 billion worldwide consolidated net sales in 2003, achieving a 10% increase compared to 2002. See

We had good food - day and night and always right by the Bosphorus. We visited historical sites (the guide was excellent!) and shopped some. The highlight, however, was the last night, the boat trip on the Bosphorus – there was not a single person not-dancing on that boat by 11 pm! -- Sukran Kadipasadglu

"Most of the members left Turkey after the Istanbul meeting loaded with their purchases from the grand market. Neva and I ventured into Anatolia to spend some nights in a cave, see the sights and visit Ankara. It was a memorable visit and one we would highly recommend. The scenery is exceptional, the hikes in the valleys exhilarating, the visits to the underground cities special, the exploration of the Hittite culture tremendously enlightening and the tremendous works of Ataturk (literally - father of Turkey) inspiring. If you guessed we liked it, you are right. We are glad that we took Sukran's advice to see more of Turkey. We second her recommendation." (Text taken from the Gazette Volume 9, Number 2, October, 2004).

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The Presentations
The Activities
00520012a.jpg - 66072 Bytes00520013a.jpg - 87814 Bytes        Derya Kadipasadglu, Ike Ehie, Sukran Kadipasadglu                 Pavel Dimitrov, Jack Wacker and Yar Ebadi

00520014a.jpg - 82375 Bytes00520015a.jpg - 69685 Bytes         Yar Ebadi, Peter Pinto and Chwen Sheu                               Attila Chikan and Nat Natarajan

The Meetings
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Photo One - Left going around the table: Clay Wybark, Yasemin Aksoy, Gunduz Ulusoy, Chwen Sheu, Nat Natarajan, Yar Ebadi, Ike Ehie, Cem Canel, Basheer Khumawala, Peter Pinto and Funda Sahin.

Photo Two - Left to right: Pavel Dimitrov, Jack Wacker, Attila Chikan, Sukran Kadipasadglu, Danny Samson, Clay Whybark, Neva Whybark, Yar Ebadi, Funda Sahin, Gunduz Ulusoy, Bob Grubbstrom, Cem Canel and Basheer Khumawala.

Photo Three - Left to right: Funda Sahin, Sukran Kadipasadglu, Attila Chikan, Pavel Dimitrov, Bob Grubbstrom, Danny Samson and Jack Wacker.

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