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The 1999 GMRG Meeting in Madrid

couple.gif - 14362 Bytes   Hi there! We had a great meeting in Madrid. The work done by the organizing committee was super. A special vote of thanks goes to Beatriz Muñoz-Seca and Josep Ribeola. Also to Karen Brown and Linda Sprague for their help in setting up to the program. One of the special happenings of the workshop was being treated to the urgings of Sergeant Muñoz-Seca. She laid to rest any thoughts of siestas, laid back Latin approaches and other stereotypes of the country. On the other hand, it’s probably because of her efforts that we made it on time to the DSI meeting in Greece. Thanks, not only for a great workshop, but for introducing us to such cultural things as the Museum of Ham and Tapas. They were a great contrast to the Ouzo, squid, octopus and other Greek delicacies we had in Greece. Click on photo for enhanced image.

Madrid2a.gif - 27943 BytesJust so you understand that it wasn’t just the good food and company, the plant visits in Spain were special as well. In one of the plant, many of us had the opportunity to use night vision equipment. I know I’ll not forget seeing Linda Sprague’s hand prints on a door long after she had taken her hand off it. It was a special opportunity for all of us. The visit to the locomotive repair facility was also spectacular. It was one of the biggest remanufacturing facilities that I have ever seen and clustering the group around the locomotive for a photo was especially fun. One innovation in the workshop, this year was that the papers were presented in small forums that gave a sense of intimacy. However, this format meant that people missed the opportunity to hear some very good papers. We need to think about that for the future. Click on photo for enhanced image.

Speaking of the future, Karen Brown has agreed to chair a committee to formulate some plans for the GMRG in the future. She is working with Attila Chikán, Boo Ho Rho, Linda Sprague, Danny Samson, and Jack Wacker. Among other things, the group will be looking at alternatives for formalizing the organization, determining whether that should be done in the USA or elsewhere and what our management structure should be. They will also be considering the dues structure and means for planning future meetings. I'm sure that any of the committee would appreciate any insight or suggestion that you might have. Feel free to contact any one of them or me if you have suggestions or ideas. Click here to view photo album from this wonderful meeting.

CharmingHostsa.gif - 20074 BytesThe number of people we must thank for the memorable meeting in Madrid is too large and the degree of appreciation cannot be done justice in such a small space as this. We at GMRG feel that it wonderful for all people involved at IESE and wish to particularly thank Beatriz Munoz-Seca for her leadership and time spent on making this meeting outstanding. Every detail was handled with such precision that all we can say is that is an amazing feat of management. Our heartfelt gratitude for the effort expended. It did not go unnoticed nor will it ever be forgotten. Click on photo for enhanced image. Text taken from The Global Gazette Vol. 5., No. 2. October, 1999.

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