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1994 Workshop in Seattle

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Trees.gif - 51987 Bytes   ... The workshop in Seattle was great and I'm sorry that I was late in arriving. Karen Brown and Seattle University were wonderful hosts and provided a variety of valuable activities for us. Although I missed the trip to Kenworth, I understand that they provided an informative tour. For those who visited Kenworth with us in Australia, there was an opportunity to compare their operations to those in Seattle. I did make the trip to Boeing and it was really great. The company put substantial resources behind our visit and made it a good learning experience. We owe both firms a debt of gratitude for their hospitality.

The format of this meeting was a bit different in that we had several formal paper presentations. All presentations were done in plenary session, so everyone could benefit. The general impression that I got was, despite the generally high quality of the papers, the group prefers more time on detailed discussions of the research that is ongoing with the GMRG. We will take this into account at the next meeting. The proceedings will be out shortly. We are still awaiting funding from one of our sponsors to be able to do the printing.

fount_needle.gif - 21553 BytesThe meeting in Seattle was a social success many people searched the Seattle area and found watering holes for their international palettes. The group turned out to be a terrific mix of people from over fifteen countries. Many new friends were made in one of the most internationally mixed small groups of scholars. from around the world.

monorail.gif - 21604 BytesMany new ideas (and some outrageously funny ones) were bantered about during the formal meeting and during the social times. The environmentalists in Seattle were happy to see that Attila did not have any friends drive him around, so the trees were safe. (Last year, Attila’s friend drove his car into a Melbourne tree.) The only sad note is that Attila did not tell his Mongolian stone soup story. Text taken from the Global Gazette Vol. 2, No. 1 November, 1994.

Clay Whybark

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