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The 4th round version of the GMRG questionaire and coding instructions are available here: Information on surveys prior to the 4th is given belowbelow: This questionaire can be downloaded for use by anyone who is interested. Presently, there are data gathering activities in seven countries. Chwen Sheu, Kansas State University is working in Taiwan and thinks he'll have a good sample by early summer.Rob Klassen is using the 3rd version of the questionaire to gather data in Canada and Blaram Avittathur is using it in India and Matteo Kalchschmidt at Milano Poly. Attila Chikan has 58 samples from Hungary. We also have 20 observations from Lebanon from Joseph Sarkis of Clarkson. There is a data collection being done in USA, Dennis Krumwiede from Idaho State University.

The data are stored using Access 2000 file format. All questionaire data use the questionaire GMRG 3 format. Canada database has 98 companies information. 41 Machine tool (called tooling) and 57 textiles. The Italian database has two files one with 30 companies (machine tool) and 20 textiles. The Hungarian database has 67 companies; we are requesting the breakdown of the type of business. The Taiwanese database has 63 companies no breakdown by industry yet. US database 45 companies with a 6 digit SIC code. The Lebanon database has 20 companies. Mexico's data was coded in questionaire’s two’s GMRG 2 format and does not match the rest of the data. Thus, it will not be included in our current data base for questionaire 3. The database will be distributed to the data gatherers upon request.

Note to all data gatherers (for members in good standing), the database for 2nd round is still available.

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