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The 1997 GMRG Meeting in Katowice, Poland

Katowicea.jpg - 33712 Bytes   The GMRG 1997 Meeting was held at Katowice, Poland. GMRG wishes to give a special thanks to all the wonderful people at the Academy of Economics and in the Department of Business Logistics for their hospitality that enable us to have a terrific meeting. We especially wish to thank Dr. Bogdan Kapcia, Mr. Marek Kasperek, and Mr. Piotr Hanus for their special efforts and the time they spent helping the details of the meeting. It was an outstanding meeting with cordial Polish hospitality. We loved it. A sincere thank you to Danuta and our Polish hosts. Click on left photo for enhanced image.

tu-berlin-campus.gif - 32485 BytesFollowing the GMRG meeting in Katowice, Poland, Karen Brown and Nancy Lea Hyer traveled on to Berlin where they acquainted themselves with the pleasures of a European City, imagined what apartment they would rent if they lived there, and visited the Production Technology Center at the Technical University of Berlin See photo at right. They will next convene at the bottom of the Grand Canyon to discuss these research projects. Text taken from The Global Gazette, Vol. 4., No. 1. February, 1998. Please visit an outstanding link, Embassy of Poland. Click on photos below for enhanced images. Also view a new link Business News From Poland.New.gif - 117 Bytes

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