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GMRG 2005 Meeting: Phoenix, Arizona

GolfCoursea.jpg - 55787 BytesThe GMRG Sixteenth Annual Workshop is scheduled for Phoenix on the following dates; arrival date, August 3 and departure date, August 6, 2005. The workshop, coordinated by Jack Wacker, will focus on academic research developed from the questionnaire. The program theme is "International Manufacturing Research."

This meeting’s primary purpose is to discuss each optional module and for module developers to give a summary and overview of the research in each specific area. There will be an overview of the current questionnaire. Each module developer will present their module and discuss the related literature.

Please keep checking back here for updates on times and events for the GMRG Sixteenth Annual Workshop! Please click here for the latest GMRG Gazette issue; March 25, 2005.

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