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The 1995 GMRG Workshops in Dunedin and Puebla

   We had some informative, fun, and valuable meetings this summer. Yes - meetings! The annual workshop was held in Dunedin, New Zealand and we had informal sessions during the International Decision Science Institute meeting in Puebla, Mexico; also see Puebla City in Puebla State. The New Zealand meeting was hosted by Lawrie Corbett. He did an outstanding job. One of our visits was to Interlock, a company that makes window hardware. The company has implemented many modern management concepts (flattened organization, empowered teams, total quality management, certification, etc.) over the last few years. They have been quite successful domestically and are expanding their international markets including Japan. It was impressive to see a hand lettered welcome to the GMRG hanging in the shop produced by one of the manufacturing teams. After the plant tour, we were treated to a pleasant informal session with most of the top management discussing the change process.

Harold.gif - 32755 BytesThe economic resurgence of New Zealand has been very impressive. While we were there, the government announced the largest budget surplus in the history of the country. Municipal administration is highly decentralized with many traditionally public services now in private hands. We had an opportunity to talk with some government officials about their new roles and what they saw as the role of manufacturing. There was a real sense of pride in what has been accomplished so far, but little complacency. Photo left is of Harold the Albatross -- The return of the first Royal Albatross, the world's largest seabird, to its Taiaroa Head breeding ground was greeted by every church bell in the Dunedin City area.

I’m really looking forward to spending next year there. For more information on these workshops see Dunedin, New Zealand. This text was written by Jack Wacker and taken from taken from The Global Gazette, Vol. 2 No. 2, August 1995. For your added enjoyment, please visit the Pacific Adventure and Cadbury Chocolate Carnival and Choose Cadbury.

Links & Photos of Puebla, Mexico
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