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DSI Meeting in San Diego November 2002

SanDiego.gif - 29110 Bytes   In conjunction with the DSI meeting in San Diego in November 2002, the GMRG had our traditional informal dinner. After scouting the Gaslamp Quarter we determined a Middle Eastern restaurant, Bandar, would be an ideal destination for the nearly twenty people we expected. On our way to the restaurant, like the Pied Piper or the Columbia River, we picked up additional folk. By the time we had arrived at Bandar we learned that (a) they were running late and (b) we were more than they expected. Photo left of San Deigo shoreline at night.

MaxSHouse.gif - 33770 BytesAmong the crowd were Rodger Collons, and Roger and Marlene Schroeder, some of the members-for-the-night GMRG folk. Rodger and his trusty cell phone joined in the search for another restaurant that would accommodate the almost thirty now-ravenous GMRGers. We delighted the owners of Max Restaurant and Lounge when they asked what night we were interested in coming and we replied, "Right now!" They set up one looooong table that we immediately overflowed, but a good time was had by all. Photo right of Max Restaurant and Lounge dining room.

There were some very special people in attendance. Jack Wacker introduced us to his wife at this her first GMRG appearance. Of course, everyone accused Jack of having visited the local rent-a-wife office since no one could verify that the woman with him was really Mrs. Wacker. On the other hand we could verify that Danny Samson's wife, Jeanette, was “well and truly” Mrs. Samson. At the overflow table, as the pictures of the Schroeder family members in Australia were being passed around, Danny quipped, "While some people bring pictures of their daughter, I brought my daughter!" (Indeed she was with them in San Diego).

Among other newcomers was Dennis Krumwiede, who has gathered data in the U.S. using the third version of the questionnaire. We have Dennis to thank for helping develop the data-sharing format for the third round. Also, don't forget the Fourteenth Annual GMRG Workshop 2003 will be held in Shanghai, China on July 8 & 9, 2003. --- D. Clay Whybark, Kenan-Flagler School.

More Photos from the 1999 Madrid GMRG Conference

Below are some pictures that have wonderful faces. I received some information as to who these faces belong to, but I do need more help. Anyone who can put a name to a face, please email me (Beckie) and I will label these pictures appropriately and thank you. Click on photos for enhanced images.

Also, if you have pictures, interesting items about previous meetings, etc. -- send them on and we will capture these wonderful events on the World Wide Web. All information can be emailed to Benito Flores or sent via snail mail to:

Dr. Benito Flores
Information & Operation Management Department
Mays Business School
Texas A&M University
TAMU 4217
College Station, Texas 77843-4217

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