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1998 GMRG Meeting in Hong Kong

HongKong98a.jpg - 30609 Bytes   ...We had a great meeting in Hong Kong. Our host, W.B. Lee, put together a superb program and a wonderful team of people to help support the meeting. In addition to the stimulation of the meetings and the quality conversations in the various restaurants, we enjoyed a visit to a Group Sense International Ltd. plant in Shenzhen, China. Group Sense is the worlds’ leading supplier of hand held translating devices and produces a line of specialty pagers. They provided us all an opportunity to witness a Hong Kong management team and mainland manufacturing first hand. The executives of the firm were wonderful hosts and treated us to a boat trip in the harbor, over near the new airport and to an island where we "shopped" for our fish dinner in glass tanks at the restaurant. W.B., thanks so much for providing such a memorable meeting. Click on photo for enhanced image. Above logo was designed with pictures from both Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China.

Photo above: Sitting: Neva Whybark (USA), Linda Sprague (USA-England), Clay Whybark (USA), Boo-Ho Rho (Korea) , Danny Samson (Australia)

Standing: Andre Everett (New Zealand), Benito Flores (USA), Rob Klassen (Canada), Nat Natarajam (USA), Gyula Vastag (USA), Pavel Dimitrov (Bulgaria), Yung-Mok (Hong Kong), W.B. Lee (Hong Kong), Henry (Hong Kong), Walter Chung (Hong Kong), Jack Wacker (USA), Kwangtae Park (Korea), Tony (Korea), Ram Narashimhan (USA), Samuel Leung (Hong Kong), Hamid Noori (Canada).

Despite what is says above, it was not all play! Not by a long shot! A number of papers were presented during the formal part of the workshop and several working sessions were held as well. Some of the working sessions were devoted to going over the questionnaire and many suggestions were made for improving it. Two versions of the questionnaire are being prepared one with Lickert type scales and another with continuous scales. In both versions, the instrument will be shorter, more user friendly, and consistent with the previous surveys. Although several questions have been deleted, a few have been added to allow a little more exploration of the relationship between manufacturing practices and performance.

Group1.gif - 35624 BytesData from the second survey were distributed to contributors at the workshop, but will not be made public until GMRG members have had a chance to explore it. There are still a few "bugs" in the data and we need to get the descriptive cover sheets from all of the researchers before distribution can be finished. Gyula Vastag is coordinating the effort to finalize the data. He also reported on the next book, as he said "It’s ‘B-2’since you don’t see it, you don’t hear it, you just know it’s coming." There is more on this in this issue of the Gazette. Click on photo for enhanced image.

ust1.gif - 31912 BytesPlease visit the web site "Welcome to the Global Manufacturing Research Group (GMRG) in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management" at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Please browse through this site and learn more about their research group.

Benito Flores is helping to follow up with Industry Week on the possibility of doing something to augment their USA manufacturing survey. He is also working on some other possibilities of involving the GMRG with groups doing international research in manufacturing. Linda Sprague has completed the proceedings for the meeting in Cranfield. Linda, it looks great. Thanks for the work you sandwiched into your busy global schedule. Danuta will be checking with those of you who were at the workshop at the workshop in Poland about the papers for those proceedings.

Speaking of meetings, our next one is in Barcelona, hosted by Beatriz Muñoz-Seca. It will be timed a little later than usual in order to allow those that are involved with the International Decision Sciences meeting in Athens to be able to go to Greece afterwards. Karen Brown will be visiting in Barcelona in the Spring of 1999, so she will be able to help out as well. Some other details are included here. The meeting for 2000 will be held in Canada, hosted by Rob Klassen. Text taken from The Global Gazette, Official Newsletter of the Global Manufacturing Research Group (GMRG), Volume 4, Number 2, October, 1998.

Clay Whybark

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