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Cranfield, England

Cranfield.gif - 35659 Bytes   ... Hi there. We enjoyed seeing some of you at the GMRG workshop in Cranfield this summer. Linda Sprague hosted and provided us with an air show in addition to the discussions and plant visits (it was a 50th anniversary celebration at the airfield on the Cranfield campus). The visit to the Cummins Engine Factory inspired a research project on manufacturing cells that Simon Hurley and I are conducting here in New Zealand. I'm already looking forward to the meeting that Danuta Kisperska-Moron will host next year in Katowice, Poland. You'll find more on that elsewhere in the newsletter.

Cranfield1.gif - 34588 BytesDuring the meeting at Cranfield, Linda Sprague offered to have the Manchester Manufacturing Management Center take over the receipt and distribution of the GMRG data. Everyone agreed that was a good idea and the procedures are now being worked out. Deborah Hodge, who was a Beta site for the data entry program as well as being involved in the data gathering process, is still associated with the center so she can provide some technical expertise. In addition to the change in location for the data, the group decided to work on revising the questionnaire. Jack Wacker is coordinating that activity, so send him any suggestions you might have. Text was taken from The Global Gazette, Vol. 3, No. 2 January, 1997 -- Clay Whybark.

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Front row: Neva Whybark (USA), Sang Lee (USA), Karen Brown (USA), Clay Whybark (USA), Amrik Sohal (Australia), W.B. Lee (Hong Kong), Danuta Kisperska-Moron (Poland), Lawrie Corbett (New Zealand)

Middle row: Arturo Macias (Mexico), Marcella Macias (Mexico), Linda Sprague (England), Jack Wacker (USA), Danny Samson (Australia), Attila Chikan (Hungary), Zeyad Naji (England), Andrew Johnstone (England), George Moschopolulos (Greece), Basheer Khumawala (USA), Donstantionos Mikedakis (Greece)

Back row: Elliott Grant (England), Robert Klassen (Canada), Pavel Dimitrov (Bulgaria), Cliff Jones(Wales), Lisa Roberts (Wales), Avraham Shtub (Israel), Yongjian Shi (England)

(Missed photo session Silvana Trimi (Albania). For more information, see Global Gazette Vol. 3, No 2, January, 1997.

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