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The 2000 GMRG Meeting in London, Ontario

CanadaGMRG.gif - 85616 BytesThe 11th Annual GMRG Workshop meeting was held in London, Ontario, Canada August 3-5, 2000. Rob Klassen, at the University of Western Ontario, was the host. We met at the University, and they were marvelous hosts. In addition to the formal meeting, we had a visit to the Ontario Division of 3M where we learned about their products including masking tap, duck tape, and sandpaper. It was a great visit.

In addition to formal visits to the 3M Company, we enjoyed a trip to the Stratford Theater on the Avon River. We saw an energetic presentation of the Three Musketeers. The theater was spectacular and the presentation exciting. For many years we have looked for a statue to be the background of' a group photo. This year it was of Shakespeare. We stood in front of his statue after the play at Stratford for the annual photo.

In the formal meeting, we had several presentations. Among them was Boo Hoo Rho of South Korea, who presented his work comparing the manufacturing practices of South Korea and Australia. Also presenting comparisons were Arturo Macias, Benito Flores and Felipe Burgos. They described their work comparing Mexico and Canada.

Linda Sprague described her work in New Hampshire (USA) with the Small Business Administration. (Yes there is interest in the S and MEs, small and medium size enterprises, in the US.) She conducted a survey of the S&ME manufacturers in her state. The result is a very good picture of the state of manufacturing in New Hampshire.

Michael Chan (a doctoral student studying under Walter Chung at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University) presented his proposed doctoral work. He is interested in contract manufacturing, especially under the Internet. His work is connected with a Hong Kong entrepreneur. This is a fast moving economy and we wish Michael the best.

Lawrie Corbett reported on his work with Colin Campbell-Hunt. They have had the opportunity to study the development of manufacturing competitive capability among a number of New Zealand companies. It seems that they are having too much fun for academics. In another approach, MiIť Terziovski (recently with the University of Melbourne, Australia) reported on the implications of ISO 9000 implementation. As you might guess, the rewards are very dependent on the attitude toward implementation.

Basheer Khumawala and Sukran Kadipasaoglu presented their work on customer service. They evaluated the GMRG database to determine the basis for differences in the quality of customer service. Danny Samson took a distinctly managerial perspective by looking at the resource based view of' operations strategy. He has long been concerned with explaining only a small percent of the variance of business performance.

In the business meeting, several views of the research agenda were discussed, although the organization form is still in question. The most frequently described research direction was that of working on individual interests. The operationalization of this would be to have small groups of members form teams to work on special interests. The GMRG survey (or part of it) would serve as the basis for part of the work.

A Shakespearean Twist with Great Food

The number of people we must thank for the memorable meeting in London is too large and the degree of appreciation so great that justice cannot be done in such a small space as this. We at GMRG feel that it was wonderful and thank all people involved at Western Ontario University. We wish to particularly thank Rob Klassen for his leadership and the time he spent on making this meeting outstanding. The meals at the UWO and the entertainment along with the fine tour of 3M were just terrific. Rob and the folks at UWO were absolutely great. We enormously enjoyed our trip to Stratford and the play. It just could not have been better. Text for this paragraph was taken from The Global Gazette, Volume 6, Number 1, February, 2001.

D. Clay Whybark

Photo above:

Standing Left: BooHo Rho, Benito Flores, Kitty Flores, Lawrie Corbett, Susan Corbett, Lorraine Klassen, Michael Chan, Mile Terziovski, Walter Cheung, Hamid Noori.

Sitting: Danny Samson, Jack Wacker

Standing Right: Neva Whybark, Clay Whybark, Rob Klassen, Linda Sprague, Gyula Vastag, Arturo Macias.

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