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The Global Gazette

Official Newsletter of the Global Manufacturing Research Group (GMRG)

Volume 4, Number 1 February, 1998

1. Manufacturing Practices (Spanish)

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Benjamin Allen, Dean

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Group Statement:

The Global Manufacturing Research Group (GMRG) is a multi-national community of researchers dedicated to the study and improvement of manufacturing practices world-wide. Through systematic study and research throughout the world, the GMRG aims to improve manufacturing practice through the development of theory and dissemination of results. By sharing ideas, results, and concepts with research colleagues and manufacturing executives around the globe, the GMRG serves to strengthen the linkage between research and practice.

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GMRG Meeting at Katowice, Poland: 1997

Front row: Lawrie Corbett (New Zealand), Sukran Kadispasaoglu , Danuta Kisperska-Moron (Poland), Clay Whybark (USA)

Second Row: Nancy Hyer (USA), Ung-Mok Yu (Korea), Boo Ho Rho (Korea), Hyo-Joo Yoh(Korea), Neva Whybark (USA), Basheer Khumawala (USA), Arturo Macias (Mexico),

Third Row: Benito Flores (USA), Karen Brown (USA), Robert Klassen (Canada), Avraham Shtub (Israel), Jack Wacker (USA), Danny Samson (Australia)

Fourth Row: Kitty Flores(USA), Lisa Roberts (Wales), Richard Kunc (UK), Kwang-Tae Park (Korea), R. Nat Natarajan (USA), Boguslaw Kapcia (Poland), Attillia Chikan

Upper Row: Piotr Hanus (Poland), Roger Wynne (UK), Marek Kasparek

News From The Director

Sadly, I have learned that our Japanese colleague, Toshihiro Murokoshi suffered a stroke and has been out of the office for some time. He is on the mend, but not yet back at Waseda University. We all wish him a speedy and full recovery!

I'm really looking forward to our workshop this summer. It will be in Hong Kong and W.B. Lee will be our host. He has told me of some of the arrangements he is making for us and it sounds super. This will be a wonderful opportunity for us to witness first hand any changes that have taken place since the reversion to Chinese sovereignty. Karen Brown and Nancy Lea Hyer are helping on the details of the program. We have scheduled our workshop between the Seoul Pan Pacific and the Asia Pacific DSI Taiwan meetings. More details are found later in this issue of the newsletter.

Danuta Kisperska-Moron faced some real problems because of the devastating floods that occurred just after our very successful meeting in Katowice, Poland. She was out of the communication loop for a while but is now back on line. She tells me that the proceedings for the meeting are now being prepared. The minutes from that meeting are also found in this issue. Many of you have asked also about the proceedings for the Cranfield meeting. Linda Sprague says that she now has all the manuscripts for that publication as well.

The work on preparing the database for distribution to the people who gathered data is still going on. Jeff Stratman, whom many of you met in San Diego, has been working on the details of the task. Our objective is to have everything ready in the early part of 1998 in a format similar to what was used for the first round. We are still debating the specific formats, but may end up using a couple of them. Reconciling different versions of the data from a single country, making sure the data entry conventions correspond to the intentions of the data coding program and verifying some of the details has taken a great deal of time.

Revision of the questionnaire is also still underway. The efforts at the moment are to make the current version more user and researcher friendly. The intention is to continue to support the original objective of primarily assessing the status of manufacturing practices.

The other objectives that have been requested are all valid but too numerous to include in one instrument. We will need different versions to pursue these other objectives. The revisions should also be completed early in the year.

Several other initiatives are underway and many new concepts being considered. There is a special issue on empirical research approved for the Journal of Operations Management. Basheer Khumawala will be the editor (see the call in this issue). Discussions are underway to collaborate with some of our Indian colleagues on the development of some teaching material. In line with the objectives of aligning with an organization that would be interested in our global reach, see the December 1, 1997 issue of Industry Week. They have a survey much like ours, but for the US. There is much happening and much to discuss in Hong Kong. See you there. Clay

The Global Gazette

Vol. 4., No. 1.

February, 1998


The Global Gazette is the Official Newsletter of The Global Manufacturing Research Group.

Global Manufacturing Research Center

Kenan-Flagler Business School

The University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill, NC. USA 27599-3490

Professor D. Clay Whybark, Director

Professor John G. Wacker, Newsletter Editor

The 1997 GMRG Meeting in Katowice, Poland: What a Terrific Venue

The GMRG wishes to give a special thanks to all the wonderful people at the Academy of Economics and in the Department of Business Logistics for their hospitality that enable us to have a terrific meeting. We especially wish to thank Dr. Bogdan Kapcia, Mr. Marek Kasperek, and Mr. Piotr Hanus for their special efforts and the time they spent helping the details of the meeting. It was an outstanding meeting with cordial Polish hospitality. We loved it. A sincere thank you to Danuta and our Polish hosts.

The Ninth Annual Workshop In Hong Kong, 1998: The dates June 4, 5 and 6 are confirmed.

Historical and business background:

Hong Kong is known as the "Flowered Harbor". Hong Kong has many important historical sites. Under the British rule for 99 years, last year it was returned to China. The ambiance of Hong Kong cannot be matched anywhere in the world. It is just a wonderful experince not to be missed in anyone's travels. In Hong Kong, most neighborhoods are connected by the Metropolitan Transit Railway (MTR) or the Kowloon-Canton Railway (KCR). These transportion means use the railpass. Transportation is relatively inexpensive by taxi. Tipping in Hong Kong is not usually done by percentage of the bill, but rather, by leaving the change returned.

The agenda of the Hong Kong meeting is:

Arrival June 04 (Thursday) Opening and Presentation: Lunch and Chinese style-Dinner at Hotel.

June 05 (Friday) The Morning session) Venue: Business and Technology Centre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (with computer facilities for demonstration if needed). We will lunch at the Staff Club of University

The afternoon session- Factory/Enterprise Visit.

June 06(Saturday)- The morning session is at the Technical Meeting, Venue: Business and Technology Centre. The afternoon session-Boat trip around Hong Kong harbour and nearby offshore Island.Farewell dinner at City Centre.

We need to get an approximate number of GMRGers that are attending. Could you send us the following information to Jack Wacker:

1)Name 2)Address 3)Fax numbers 4) e-mail address 5)Accompanying persons 6)Expected date of arrival and departure to/from Hong Kong. 7) Are you submitting a paper?

Update on data collection

The GMRG is making revisions on the questionnaire that hopefully will be completed by 1998. Jack Wacker has agreed to apply for a grant based on the new questionnaire. This grant will, at first, have a narrow focus but will be expanded to more participants as time proceeds.

News from the Katowice


1. Program organization: To help the host handle the job of coordinating the annual workshop, it was suggested that independent persons (independent from host) help the program organization. To this effect Nancy Hyer and Karen Brown volunteered to organize the next meeting wherever it is held.

2. New member recruiting: It was suggested that the recruitment of new members be done mainly by three members - Clay, Jack, and Attila, as they seem to have the largest number of contacts. This does not preclude the recruiting by other members. The rules for new membership have not changed and require the contribution of data. Special attention would be placed on - Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Europe, Germany, France, and Italy. The creation of a flyer was suggested and that perhaps Clay would give it a try to develop such a write-up. It would describe the goals and mission of GMRG and activities of the group. This would help the recruiting process.

3. Third round of the questioinnaire: Linda has volunteered to test the third version of the instrument. This will be done in India in September (or/and Taiwan?). The gathering of data would be done between June 1, 1998, and December 31, 1999. This will allow for some flexibility. (Note: These deadlines were not achieved.)

4. Research Strategy: A final report of the second round was suggested. It could contain descriptive statistics in the manner done by Linda for the New Hampshire data. Volunteers are needed to put it together. Determine the content of the report, bibliography, contact possible publisher, etc. (Note. It needs a coordinator and some deadlines.)

5. Special Journal Issue. Basheer was asked (in absentia) to put together another issue for a journal that can provide visibility for the GMRG group. The only basic ideas mentioned are that it should be an European journal and that the timing be such that it should be for it to be published in the year 2000. (see below)

6. International Case Book.

This should be a book similar to the one that Clay edited a few years ago. Clay is going to check with some editorial houses about the possibility of doing it.

7. Listserve: It was suggested that a Listserver be created to make more agile the communication between the GMRG members. (Note. There is a need for a volunteer to do it.)

8. Website: A suggestion was made to create and keep updated a Website. (Note. There is a need for a volunteer to do it.)

9. 1998 meeting: Note that Hong Kong and June 4, 5, and 6, 1998 are finalized

10. The practical side of manufacturing: Clay mentioned that plant managers have expressed the desire to learn from other plant managers as to what is going on in other plants. This suggests the creation of a newsletter. (Note. Is there a volunteer out there?)

11 Need to complete the database:. To complete the database there are still some holes. If you have notsent in all your data, PLEASE send it to Clay ASAP.


Boo-Ho Rho has been elected the president of the Korean Production/Opreations Management Society for the year 1998, and Director of Sogang Institute for Business Research from September 1997 for two year term. He is planning of holding an international workshop for KPOMS in June with some of the Participants in Pan-Pacific Conference in Seoul. As part of SIBR activities, Boo-Ho is exploring the possibility of joint research with foreign universities and research organizations. He would like to get assistence from GMRG members in this endeavor. Currently, he has a joint research agreement with Clay's Global Manufacturing Research Center at UNC.

Following the GMRG meeting in Katowice, Poland, Karen Brown and Nancy Lea Hyer traveled on to Berlin where they acquainted themselves with the pleasures of a European City, imagined what apartment they would rent if they lived there, and visited the Production Technology Center at the Technical University of Berlin. They will next convene at the bottom of the Grand Canyon to discuss these research projects.

Norman Faull is the Co-program Chair (with Marty Starr) of the POMS Cape Town conference in June/July this year.

Avy Shtub the educational software simulation package presented in the meeting in Poland is the basis of my new book that was published in December. This book (in Hebrew) presents a new approach for teaching Operations. Based on the feedback that he will get from the Israeli schools adopting this book and eight GMRG members serving as Beta sites for the approach and the software he is planning to write the English version of this new book.

Danny Samson has resigned from Melbourne Business School and will be taking up a new Chair of Management in the newly created Department of Management, within the University of Melbourne.

There are numerous articles that have been accepted for publication in the top journals in the production/operations management.

Special Issue of International Journal of Production Economics on Global Manufacturing:

Basheer Khumawala is the editor for a special issue of International Journal of Production Economics on Managing Global Manufacturing Firms: Empirical Studies of Strategy, Operations, and Performance. Get your manuscripts in to Basheer.

Have news, let us know

E-mail: Jack Whacker

Dear GMRGers:

If we examine the minutes of the Katowice meeting, it is apparent that we need many volunteers for activities. Currently, only several members are doing too much of the many activities. Please volunteer to undertake at least one of the above activities. We need your help.

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